Out of Kit Swollen Left Eye


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Out of Kit Swollen Left Eye (TRSP19-0110)

Lower two lump swollen eye. Comes in two parts.

Product Dimensions: 1.625" x 2.5625" x 0.1875"

The peel-and-stick silicon prosthetic appliance goes on like a Band-Aid, then all you have to do is blend the edges. With the attached adhesive, it couldn’t be easier. There is nothing to mix, no fumed silicates to avoid inhaling.

If you want to achieve a more complex design, you can layer pieces as desired and blend the pieces together. With only half the thickness of Bondo appliances, Out of Kit pieces are very flexible and move naturally.

Can Out of Kit prosthetics pieces be repositioned?

Yes, if you're very careful, you can use a brush and 99% alcohol to lift the piece back off of the artist and reposition it.

What kinds of make-up work on Out of Kit prosthetics pieces?

So far we haven’t found a make-up that doesn’t work on the pieces.

Do Out of Kit prosthetics pieces work in the cold?

Yes, Out of Kit prosthetics pieces have worked fine in temperatures as cold as -10 degrees

Do Out of Kit prosthetics pieces work in High humidity?

Yes, if the correct skin prep is done and the pieces are sealed properly, you should have no problems in high humidity.

How do I seal Out of Kit prosthetics pieces?

It is recommended to apply 1-2 layers of sealer either sprayed or painted onto the piece and back onto the skin. Here are some sealers we like

How do I remove Out of Kit prosthetics pieces?

Using a soft brush or a powder puff, gently massage the skin where the piece is and slowly remove the prosthetic. We recommend the following removers to use in the aid of removing the pieces.

Customer Reviews

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Everything about this item was excellent except removing it from the packaging. When removing the backing so that I could apply the prosthetic, it tears the edges and it is remarkably difficult to get it not to stick to itself. Once I finally got the backing off, I had to work a little magic on a spot that tore but, otherwise, it was fantastic. I followed the steps given via the QR Code and the end result was wonderful.