Reel Creations Blue Aqua Sealer


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For all your makeup sealing needs, Reel Creations Blue Aqua Sealer gets the job done! This water-based formula works to set body art, prosthetic makeup, even cake liner! A light mist is all that's needed to keep your creations from transferring or rubbing off. A mattifying agent creates a smooth sheen, perfect for making temporary tattoos appear "in-skin. Waterproof when dry! Reel Creations calls this "the sealer that seals all the other sealers," replacing their Matte Sealer and Prosthetic Sealer with this one versatile formula.


REEL BLUE AQUA SEALER is a water based cosmetic sealer for all of your make up sealing requirements such as sealing make up, prosthetics, etc.  A light spray is usually all that is necessary.  Don't over do the spray as it will eventually build up and wrinkle. If you feel you need a second coat, dry the first coat before applying.  A blow dryer will accelerate drying time.  There is a matting agent in the product to create a satin sheen.  Make-up may be used right over sealer to give temporary tattoos, or any body art, that under the skin surface look. Water based - waterproof when dry. We call this "the sealer that seals  all the other sealers. 

  • Shake well before using.
  • A second coat may be applied after the first is dry
  • A blow dryer may be used to accelerate drying time
  • Avoid layering more than 2 coats, as product may wrinkle
  • After use, turn container upside down and spray out all remaining product to avoid clogging (Atomizer may be cleaned with 99% alcohol as well)
Acrylates Copolymer Proprietary product: Specific product ingredients are withheld as trade secret information. Health Hazards and physical properties are identified in this sheet. All information contained herein are listed at the maximum ratings that could affect any cautions, warnings, health or environmental hazards. This product has been formulated to use topically on the skin as a cosmetic make-up in its wet state.