Ben Nye Cake Eye Liner Refill


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Eggplant ELR-6
Electric Blue ELR-7
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White ELR-0
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Fill your empty palette with all of your favorite colors of Ben Nye's Cake Eye Liner - now in refill sizes! Ben Nye's formula allows you to achieve a clean edge and precise, delicate lining every time! More forgiving and softer than liquid eyeliner, this product is great for those who want to practice application with a steady hand! Simply dip a wet brush of your choice into the cake liner and stir into a creamy, rich consistency for bold, definite color! May also be used with LiquiSet as an activating agent instead of water for longer lasting wear.  Pan size: 25mm. (2gm.)   


Ben Nye Cake Eye Liner 2gm. Refills fit Ben Nye Empty 14-Well Refillable Palette and as a refill in Ben Nye Cake Eye Liner compacts.

Talc, Propylene Glycol, CL No. 7704 (Kaolin), PEG-8, PVP, Choleth-24, Ceteth-24, Emulsifying wax, Phenoxyethanol