Stage Frights Foam Latex Prosthetic Undead Zombie Mask


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Looking for zombie fx makeup that is more aged and sunken rather than torn up and bloody? I don't blame you. Not all zombies were created by means of a slasher incident. This Undead Zombie Foam Latex Prosthetic appliance mask was designed to give the look of a good old fashioned dried decay. Great for a thriller of a dance party!

All of these appliances are handmade in the USA out of high-grade foam latex. Foam latex prosthetic masks were developed by film and TV makeup artists for realistic character effects. These masks "glue" to your face and move with your every expression to give the most convincing character transformation for your costume. The unpainted prosthetics are customizable. Add color and hair to create a makeup effect to suit your character needs. 

Things you will need:

  • Cosmetic grade adhesive: Spirit Gum, Pros Aid, Latex Adhesive, Prosthetic Adhesive etc. – To “glue” piece on
  • Adhesive remover: remover specific to your chosen adhesive, removers are not universal – To remove adhesive
  • Makeup: 2 or more colors suggested. Any type will do (read makeup considerations below) – To give color to your character
  • Makeup Remover: remover specific to your chosen makeup, removers are not universal – To remove makeup from your face
  • Adhesive and Makeup applicators: foam sponges, makeup brushes, cotton swabs etc. – For applying adhesive and makeup

Suggested Items:

  • Liquid Latex – For blending edges
  • Stipple Sponge – For adding makeup texture
  • Setting Powder (read makeup considerations below) – To dry and seal oil based makeup
  • Powder Puff – To apply setting powder (only if you are going to use setting powder)
  • Castor Sealer or Barrier Spray sealer (read makeup considerations below) – To seal the mask before makeup
  • A friend to help – Very helpful, but not required

Customer Reviews

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Diana Boehm
High quality, fast delivery, and easy to work with.

I've been using foam latex appliances for years, to do my Halloween makeup. This company has great quality, with a great price attached. I will definitely be a life long customer.

Jimi W
Quality Foam Prosthetic

This one prosthetic has lasted me three months for the show and couldn’t be happier with it