Rubber Wear Witch Nose Foam Latex Prosthetic


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Rubber Wear’s Witch Nose Foam Prosthetics may be adhered with most common adhesives, such as Spirit Gum or Pros Aide and can be removed with any oil based adhesive remover. To ensure proper makeup application, you must seal latex prosthetics with a sealer such as Pros Aide or Castor Sealer especially when using alcohol or cream based makeup. To smooth the edges down, we suggest blending the edges of the application with 99% Alcohol.

Rubber Wear prosthetics have been carefully sculpted, textured like skin and the edges are tissue-thin for invisible blending. The foam is run at a high speed to create a fluffy latex prosthetic that looks, feels and moves naturally with the body or face, yet is strong enough to last an entire shooting day. Great for novices and make-up students too!

Whether you are a multi-Academy award-winning makeup artist, budding YouTube film-maker or just looking to surprise your friends at your next party, Rubber Wear brings the character to whatever your project with the thinnest edges and easy application.

Customer Reviews

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Nice, but no instructions on how to get it to stick

Awesome product

This worked great for my witch costume! Good quality, and fast shipping.

Anastasija Blinova
Turned out pretty amazing!

I used it for my Wicked Witch costume, and turned out pretty amazing. I felt sizing wise that large wasn’t that crazy large, so small would have been totally small. Stayed very well the whole night. I primed a bit that way it blended well with the whole face paint.
Definitely great buy! Thanks