Rubber Wear Elf Nose Foam Latex Prosthetic


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Rubber Wear’s Elf Nose Foam Prosthetic may be adhered with most common adhesives, such as Spirit Gum or Pros Aide and can be removed with any oil based adhesive remover. To ensure proper makeup application, you must seal latex prosthetics with a sealer such as Pros Aide or Castor Sealer especially when using alcohol or cream based makeup. To smooth the edges down, we suggest blending the edges of the application with 99% Alcohol.

Rubber Wear prosthetics have been carefully sculpted, textured like skin and the edges are tissue-thin for invisible blending. The foam is run at a high speed to create a fluffy latex prosthetic that looks, feels and moves naturally with the body or face, yet is strong enough to last an entire shooting day. Great for novices and make-up students too!

Whether you are a multi-Academy award-winning makeup artist, budding YouTube film-maker or just looking to surprise your friends at your next party, Rubber Wear brings the character to whatever your project with the thinnest edges and easy application.

Customer Reviews

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monanette weathersby
No Instructions Included

This product came with no instructions for first time users. I was unable to get the effect I was looking for. Make sure before purchasing you know exactly how to apply.

Save your money

Nose was dented due to a bubble in the latex. It definitely was not a useable prosthetic. Don't recommend.

K Cash

I’ve been ordering these noses for years and they always perform great, both with normal foundation and water based paints.

Kii Cash

This was very perfect, thank you.

Looks good, shape isn’t perfect but blends well

The nose was very confusing to use at first, because it’s not as pointed as the picture would have me believe and I couldn’t figure out which way it faced, but once I figured that out it went on quite nicely! If you have this problem just look for the nostril impressions on the bottom of the nose. I used regular spirit gum to attach it and a thick liquid concealer to match it to my skin tone. My only complaint is that in person I could see the line where it connected to my nose. It wasn’t noticeable in photos and can always be edited out. When I removed the nose a bit of the edge ripped but it was due to my pulling on the delicate edge, and to no fault of the product, just be careful when removing.