ProAiir Prolong Makeup Extender 2.0 oz


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ProAiir ProLong is three products in one.   1) Barrier spray, 2) extender of any PraAiir product without affecting pigment 3) Mixing liquid for your mica or glitter powders. ProLong is an extender/barrier liquid to help makeup last longer on sweaty actors.  If you notice you are getting airbrush tip build-up, use a few drops of ProLong in your makeup bottle to think the makeup without affecting the color opacity!

Even protect your water base makeup under but  Allow to dry before touching. When applying with a sponge, dab on only Rubbing will rub off the underlying makeup.  Set with baby powder or translucent makeup powders. When used over water base makeup it helps reduce smudging.  Not tested on animals but does contain shellac which is a byproduct of bees.  

Remove with liquid soap first - rinse with water after.

Size: 2.0 oz