Skin Illustrator Starter Palette


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This Starter Palette contains twelve of PPI's most popular colors from the Flesh Tone, Dark Flesh Tone, FX and Complexion Palette. This compact palette is a time saver on set, it fits easily in your pocket and it is great for students and beginners. When activated, these dry pigments will cover tattoos, color hair, create special effects of all kinds and are foam latex, gelatin, plastic, and silicone-friendly.

Control your desired level of pigment with the rich content of color, from sheer to opaque, with a finish that looks "in-skin" rather than on top of the skin - perfect for close-up media. Skin Illustrator colors stay put throughout the day and require very few touch ups other than an occasional powdering.

Premiere Products Incorporated brings you high definition, alcohol-activated makeup in a matchless range of color! The Skin Illustrator formula is renowned and respected in the world of special effects makeup.

PPI Premiere Products Inc. is an FDA approved cosmetic manufacturer. All products are made in the USA and are cruelty-free.
Since 1978, Premiere Products, Inc. has developed and marketed advanced products for the health care, hair replacement, medical, make-up and special effects industries. As chemists with world class research experience and resources, PPI knows ingredient safety and efficacy.

Dimension: 4.2 x 3.5 x .6 in

Pigments must be used with any one of the following: Skin Illustrator Activator, Skin Illustrator Slow Activator, Temptu Pro Alcohol 99 or 99% alcohol (do not use 70% alcohol, MEK, water or any other solvent). Spray or dab the solvent onto the color, swirl color for at least 30 seconds, and apply with a brush, sponge or mascara wand. Palette cells may be too small to apply color with a sponge.

Titanium Dioxide, Ultra Marine Blue, DBP Dibutyl Phthalate, Black Iron Oxide, D&C Red #7 Ca Lake, FD & C Red 36 Al Lake, Yellow Iron Oxide, D & C Red #36, FD&C Yellow 6 Al Lake, Brown Iron Oxide, D & C Yellow #10 Al Lake, FD & C Blue l Al Lake, Hydr. Chrome Oxide, Chrome Oxide Green, D&C Red 34 Ca Lake, Red Iron Oxide

Customer Reviews

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MacKenzie Larson
It Really Works!

This palette is fantastic! I got it to cover up my arm tattoo for a stage performance and I am blown away. I cant wait to use it more. It didnt smear, or smudge or come off on to my clothes or hands. I recommend applying in layers. Apply let dry, apply again, repeat until satisfied. When I wanted it off i just got a make up swab wet with the 90-99% Alchohol solution and it came right off! No harsh rubbing needed.

Angelica Castillo
Would buy again

It worked great !

Sarah McSweeney
Great product!

I'm gonna be honest. I thought it was concealer. I only realized it wasn't after I put it on one side of my face and couldn't get it off with soap and water. It needed alcohol and it was quite uncomfortable to remove especially when the fumes got under my eye and nose. You would think having to apply it with alcohol in the beginning would have been a red flag haha. I believe I confused this product with the maq pro pallets. But after I figured that out I was able to make some pretty nice looking bruises xP it seems to sit on top of the skin so you really have to work to bend it.
It might have been helpful if they had a warning that it was not indeed foundation/concealer. I'm sure I'm not the only one who made this $55 mistake

Amanda L Rhoads
The Perfect Little Palette

This is the perfect palette to have on set, especially when you’re working with clients who have a wide variety of skin tones with different undertones. The color pay off is fantastic and it doesn’t budge.

Melinda Paolini
good quality

a little confusing to work with at first as i’ve never used alcohol activated paints before but really easy once you get the hang of it