Skin Illustrator Activator


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PPI's Skin Illustrator Activator is a special proprietary blend of ethanol and isopropynal alcohol used for activating the all of the pigments in any Skin Illustrator Palette. It is not 99% alcohol. While 99% may be used, the Skin Illustrator Activator is easier on the senses and has a more mild fragrance. 

PPI Premiere Products Inc. is an FDA approved cosmetic manufacturer. All products are made in the USA and are cruelty-free.
Since 1978, Premiere Products, Inc. has developed and marketed advanced products for the health care, hair replacement, medical, make-up and special effects industries. As chemists with world class research experience and resources, PPI knows ingredient safety and efficacy.

Simply spray the Activator into your palette and the color is ready for application with a brush or makeup sponge. Any excess liquid will evaporate. It is not recommended to use anything other than Activator, Slow Activator or 99% alcohol on any of the Skin Illustrator Palettes.