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Mouth FX is a temporary oral coloration system designed to safely and effectively color the inside of the mouth.  Mouth FX contains a sweet vanilla-mint flavor that is made entirely of FDA food grade ingredients and each color is vegan, gluten-free, peanut-free, sugar-free and cruelty-free.  Mouth FX comes in different colors.


  • Yuck Yellow
  • Pitch Black
  • Down Brown
  • Turning Yellow
  • Blood Red
  • Rust Orange
  • Mean Green
  • Sludge Black

APPLICATION:  Methods may vary depending on the desired effect.  For full-mouth coverage add 3-4 drops on the tongue and swish around the mouth. Mouth FX may also be applied directly to the desired location with a cotton swab or brush. This method is especially effective for use on the lips. Mouth FX colors can be mixed to create a large variety of different colors.  Mouth FX can be diluted with water for more subtle coverage or dental appliance for more dramatic effects. 

Mouth FX from the mouth, simply brush your teeth with toothpaste and rinse with water.  Repeat if necessary.  To remove Mouth FX from the skin, wash with soap and water or shaving cream.  Repeat if necessary.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Gavin Smith
Great product

Love this product works really well can’t wait to scare with it this year


Awesome product!! Took my costume to the next level!! Shipped quick! Taste was minimal, not aggressively flavored which is nice. It didn’t negatively affect any drinks I had.

Laura Hampton
Exactly what I needed

This stuff is great, it doesn't stain the teeth but lasts long enough to show for a costume. Perfect effect for my Halloween Terrifier costume.

Angelina Metcalf

It was perfect and tastes good too.

Randi Proffitt
Amazing product!!

I was really worried about it staining my teeth, especially the filling I have in my front tooth but it didn't stain permanently at all. As other reviews have said, the extreme color dissipates in a few minutes so you have to reapply it. It was no issue for me.. just kept it in my pocket and reapplied before pictures at my Halloween party. Was very relieved after brushing my teeth and seeing my pearly whites back to their normal color. Overall, excellent product to make you teeth and gums look super yucky. I was Beetlejuice and the brown was perfect!