Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner 16oz


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Make a mundane makeup artist duty feel like a stroll through an orange grove! Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner is made from citrus spirits and food grade solvents, giving it powerful cleaning properties that easily cut through oil based makeup and adhesives while still being gentle enough for use on natural bristles. Formulated without harsh chemicals, this solution is the preferred choice of professionals for cleaning, disinfecting and conditioning brushes.

Simply submerge your soiled hair brush in Parian Spirit. For disinfecting properties, immerse at least one minute. You will see the makeup and residue settle to the bottom. Remove and wipe or blot on an absorbent paper towel or terry cloth.

Isoparaffinic, Hydrocarbon, D-limonene, Ethanol

Customer Reviews

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Lisa Martensen
Cleans fast! Smells like oranges.

This is my go to brush cleaner. Always fast. Cuts even the toughest makeup. Smells like oranges too. Models always tell me that my brushes smell great.

Tiffany Johnson
Does the job better than others

I have used quite a few brush cleaning products as doing makeup is my profession. This one is by far the best performing product. In the past, I would use a spray cleaner between clients then do a deep clean with soap and water. There have been times the soap and water wasn’t cleaning the silicone based foundation so I used this instead and it took care of it instantly. Now I use this product only. It’s gentle enough it doesn’t deteriorate the integrity of the brushes but it’s tough enough to clean out even the thickest products.

Greta Juozaponyte
Amazing product!

It is the 3rd bottle I buy, I love the scent and how conditioned my brushes feels :)

I like this but wish it more quick drying.

I got this as a recommendation from another makeup artist. I wanted it as a disinfectant between clients but you have to let it sit for 1 minute to sanitize. It also is the type that leaves a little oily Ed’s in the brushes. Not bad overall but I wanted a more quick drying one. I’ll use it up either way.

Kristin Ohh
best brush cleaner around

I've tried a bunch of different brush cleansers but always come back to Parian Spirit. It's got a great citrus scent and cleans well. Can't go wrong. Will continue to buy over and over again.