Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner


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Made from citrus spirits and food grade solvents, giving it powerful cleaning properties that easily cut through oil-based makeup and adhesives, while still being gentle enough for use on natural bristles. Formulated without harsh chemicals, this solution is the preferred choice of professionals for cleaning, disinfecting and conditioning brushes. Also doubles as a hand sanitizer! Mix with citrus oil for a refreshing scent and apply a small amount to your hands to kill 99.9% of germs.

Simply submerge your soiled hair brush in Parian Spirit. For disinfecting properties, immerse at least one minute. You will see the makeup and residue settle to the bottom. Remove and wipe or blot on an absorbent paper towel or terry cloth. The 2 oz. sprayer was designed for cleaning brushes more quickly during makeup application. Use a fine mist and wipe/blot on an absorbent paper or terry towel.

Isoparaffinic, Hydrocarbon, D-limonene, Ethanol

Customer Reviews

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Brigid Gaffikin
Melts away the grimy stuff

100% switching to this. Melts away caked on makeup from even the thickest bristles. Barely needed any so it will definitely last a while as well. I got the 8oz bottle.

Connie Smith
this is the one

this is the most efficient spray to quickly clean off any color or liquid, i can't live without it (ESPECIALLY useful when i freelanced!)

Sheree Sahara
Amazing will be repurchasing

This worked beautifully and quickly. I love how it was almost instantly dry after. I also love how it smells like real oranges.

Sheila Price
Works great

This cleaner dissolves the eyeshadow, concealer, foundation, blush etc off of my sigma brushes I love the way it works and it smells great

It’s okay

Not my favorite but it’ll do