Mehron Adhesive Tape


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Mehron Medical Grade Adhesive Tapes are a high tensile double-sided tape for adhering facial prosthetics and crepe hair without the use of spirit gum or other liquid adhesives. Mehron Medical Grade Adhesive Tape is available in 3/4" dots or 1"x3" tape strips in a convenient combo pack. 

Strips are 1” x 3” and are double-sided.
Dots are .75” and are also double-sided.

Contains 24 dots and 12 strips.

How to use this product:

Peel off the side of the strip that has a convenient flap and apply to the skin. Once it is in place, remove the other side of the protective paper. Apply appliance onto the strip and hold in place for a few seconds. Remove by gently peeling off the strip.