Kryolan Mastix Spirit Gum 50ml (02002)


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Spirit Gum is a classical adhesive for hair, beards, and wigs, with a very high proportion of natural copal. Apply Spirit Gum to the required area of skin and allow it to dry somewhat. Then press on the object to be adhered. MME Mild Spirit Gum Remover is recommended to remove Spirit Gum from the skin. For removal from lace or tulle, or from non-human surfaces, use Spirit Gum Remover or alcohol.

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John McMahon
Good products, quick delivery

The Kryolan Mastix Spirit Gum works great. Very little is necessary to hold things in place, such as Santa mustaches. If too much is used, the glue appears whitish and is visible thru wig netting. Also, I DO NOT USE IT FOR FALSE EYEBROWS! It took several minutes to remove them using the glue remover, and it was most unpleasant with the remover so close to my eyes! In the end, I ripped out some eyebrows! Now I use double-sided wig tape for eyebrows.
Glue remove works very well, but can also use alcohol.

Christian Mendoza
I love it

Is use this spirit for everything. I use it to glue down my brows which really helps me, because I sweat a lot and my brows don’t pop up when i use this, and it drys really fast which I love. Keeps my wigs secure as well

Rithy Ngy
best spirit gum

dries fast and strong. best applicator brush too.

Nicollette Daly
Kryolan is always the best!

So glad you carry this product as its the best spirit gum out there! I use it for intense adhesion of a Wonderflex prop to my skin. It never falls off and is easy enough to remove.