Graftobian Disposable Mixing Palette Paper


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Single use mini mixing palettes made from a specially coated neutral white paper. These individual sheets offer a clean and hygienic method for mixing foundations and other color cosmetics. The perfect disposable surface for mixing colors of makeup in a compact travel-friendly size.

Using disposable palettes, such as this palette paper, is a great way to avoid cross-contamination and keep your makeup germ free. Applying makeup directly to your client from your main supply can introduce bacteria and other contaminants to your makeup. Instead, scoop a bit of makeup with a spatula onto the disposable palette paper. Then apply makeup from there instead of directly from your main container. This avoids cross-contamination and helps keep you and your clients safe and healthy. This is a good practice, even if you aren’t a makeup artist and are just doing your own makeup. Keeping bacteria out of your containers not only helps keep you and your skin healthy, but also extends the life of your product.


3″ x 4″ 36 sheets per pad.