Graftobian Dish Of Face Paint 1/4oz


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Midnight Black (99017)
Royal Red (99025)
Teddy Bear Brown (99001)
Clown White (99004)
Fire Orange (99009)
Irish Green (99013)
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Now, the world famous DISGUISE STIX Face Painting Make-Up is also available in a dish as well as on a stick. Each full-sized stick supplies enough coloring to cover an average adult face completely from five to seven times. Each Mini-Stick supplies enough coloring for two entire faces.

When being used to paint small designs on faces, the stix go much further. After use, Disguise Stix may be air-dried for future use. Unused coloring remains usable for years! Review the dish color selection shown and stock up now for your next Face Painting event. 

Remember, this face paint does not stain and washes out of all fabrics easily with just ordinary bar soap and water.

The book Disguise Stix Face Painting is loaded with exciting ideas, valuable information and full-color illustrations. We highly recommend it!

To use Disguise Stix Make-Up, you simply wet the coloring in water and apply it with a brush, sponge, your fingertips, a cotton swab or directly from the stick. When coloring hair, you dip Disguise Stix in water and apply the coloring directly to the hair, then comb or brush the hair while the coloring is still moist.

Removal of coloring from skin and hair is a breeze. Most of the coloring rinses off with plain water, and the rest is easily removed with the help of ordinary bar soap and water. If coloring gets on clothing, pre treat the area with bar soap and water and then launder in normal way.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Hannah S
packaging error i think

when it got here the cap wasn’t on all the way so it dried out but i mixed it with water and it turned out good

Danyelle Johnson
Fine lines

I wish the pigment even if thick would not seperate or run before drying.

olivia long

It was kinda horrible. The paint is water based and thin