European Body Art - Pro Seal Spray 4 oz


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By no doubt ProSeal Spray is absolutely the most powerful sealer available on the market today. It effectively seals a large variety of makeups including but not limited to alcohol based airbrush makeup, alcohol based palettes, water based cakes and water based airbrush makeup. ProSeal Spray also works as a shiner when applied in multiple layers. 

With ProSeal Spray you can go into the battle with confidence knowing that your artwork will stay through the harshest conditions including sweat, water and rubbing.

  • Seals makeup and works as a powerful waterproofing agent
  • Adds shine when used in multiple layers
  • Flexes, stretches, and moves along with a surface
  • Works effectively on skin and over prosthetics
  • Made in the USA by EBA with FDA compliant ingredients

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
The Holy Grail!

I have tried just about every single setting spray there is~ final seal was okay at best, then I started using green marble because it was better than the others, but wasn’t “great;” then I tried this, and it is absolutely THE BEST thing to happen to my makeup! Not only do I live in the south where the heat and humidity are ridiculous, but I am a sweat monster~ it could be cool outside and I still sweat even doing nothing, my face will sweat and my makeup slides everywhere! I used this spray not expecting it to be great, but it has blown me away! I will never stop using this product <3

Kathryn Dively

This is the only makeup seal spray I use. Have been using for 5 years

Tennille McClain
Absolute Staying Power!!!

I've been a MUA for 15yrs and I've used tons of setting sprays from Ben NYE Final Seal to Urban Decay All Nighter and NONE of them completely set my makeup and make them mask proof during the pandemic EXCEPT this PRo Seal Spray!!! It is my new go to setting spray and it has a nice pleasant smell.

To test this product I put both foundation and eyeshadow on the back of my hand and sprayed with this spray at least 3x and let it sit a couple minutes. Then rubbed my fingers across it a few times and had no product rub off. This is a keeper and I can't wait to order more. This is my new kit staple to keep clients mask proof.

Pro Seal Spray

I liked how this product felt on my skin. It's not as drying as other finishing sprays which is good for winter months. Very easy to add it to airbrush machine, or spray directly from bottle.

Vicky Skuce
No transfer on my boyfriend

I bought a bottle of this for my Halloween makeup from a local shop in Houston and have since had to repurchase because it is LITERALLY the only setting spray I’ve tried that doesn’t transfer makeup onto my boyfriend (he has dark skin I am basically translucent so no matter what makeup will show on him!!)
I have also gone to the chiropractor with just Too Faced Born This Way Concealer and MAC Studio Fix Powder + Foundation and normally I get my face all over the wax paper barrier on the table but it didn’t transfer the day I used this setting spray (even my chiropractor was impressed because your face really gets smooshed down when you’re being adjusted)
Not sure I would recommend for every day use but it does work for no transfer. Just make sure you prep your skin because it is alcohol based and basically will dry your skin out. But I have oily skin and I live in Houston.
FYI - Normally I use Cover FX oil control primer, Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation, MAC pro longwear concealer, bake with Maybelline fit me loose powder and add MAC studio fix powder/foundation to tie it all together.
4 stars only because it is super sticky so you need to clean the bottle nozzle after every use and you need to watch where you spray cuz essentially this is hairspray for your face and will add a thick barrier to anything laying around near the spray sight.