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European Body Art Endura SKT is made of the highest grade cosmetic ingredients, including a special blend of micronized pigments to provide a smooth and natural look. These versatile colors can be applied with an airbrush, sponge or foundation brush and may be sheered with Transluz for more realistic, translucent effects.

The Endura SKT makeup is an excellent choice for applications that require extreme durability in conditions like humidity, rain and underwater photo shoots. The exceptional coverage and durability make this foundation ideal for film, fashion shows, prosthetics, theater, weddings and live broadcasting.

Made with natural skin in mind, yet it also holds extremely well on foam and silicone prosthetics! Endura SKT is easily removed with EBA's alcohol based VAPORE or with the alcohol free SKT-7 makeup moisturizing remover. Alcohol-based.

    Size: 1fl.oz. / 30ml.