Cinema Secrets Skin Essentials Travel Kit


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Take the Cinema Secrets Pro Skin Essentials Kit with you on the go! For perfect prep, prime and aftercare of your skin, use these four products before, during and after makeup. After all, a perfect makeup look starts and ends with hydrated skin.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 oz BREAK IT DOWN Waterproof Makeup Remover which is a dual-phase makeup remover that dissolves most any makeup.
  • 1 oz CALL TIME HYDRATING TONER that is an oil-free calming formula that hydrates the skin after a long day.
  • 1 oz MOISTURE SPRAY + HYDRATING MIST - All in one hydrating mist that can be used before makeup is applied as a moisture prep and also mixed with pigment for a nourishing application.
  • 1 oz SUPER SEALER SPRAY - All in one makeup primer and setting spray. Works as a sweat inhibitor prior to application or after as a setting spray. TSA carry-on approved fluid ounce bottles.