Ben Nye Professional FX Wheel


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Ben Nye's Professional Wheels are your one stop for character coloring! Each wheel comes with 3-6 colors distinct to each character. Use these creamy, color-rich pigments to blend on top of skin or latex to create lifelike effects!

Each color is buildable for higher opacity or can be thinned with a few drops of alcohol to provide a sheer wash of color. Set your finished work with Ben Nye's Neutral Set Colorless Powder for added durability!


Available Wheels:

  • Bald Cap Stipple (EW-9)
  • Bruise & Abrasions (EW-41)
  • Camouflage (KW)
  • Death Pro Effects (DW)
  • Master Bruise Pro (EW-4)
  • Master Disaster (MDW)
  • Monster (MW)
  • Pro Bruises (EW-1)
  • Pro Burns & Blisters (EW-5)
  • Pro Cuts & Bruises (EW-3)
  • Rainbow (RW)
  • Red, Black & White (RB)
  • Trauma Simulation (EW-7)
  • Zombie (ZW)

Size: 1oz. / 28gm. Yield 100-600 Designs Per Wheel.


Customer Reviews

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It’s so pretty and the paint is creamy!



michele baird
Best palate for Halloween make up

Love this!!!

Sarah McSweeney
Great bruises

It is very easy to apply and can make realistic looking bruise in less than a minute! It was slightly smaller than I expected. The colors we're not a vibrant enough to really show up on the camera so I used them in tandon with my skin illustrator palette which seemed to work well. It helped me create the shape I wanted and add some dimension. The purple was a little bit too red in my opinion for that realistic purple bruise color wish was disappointing. They can appear a bit waxy on the skin if you layer it too much but it looks pretty good from far away. It stays on the skin pretty well too!
(The one on my hand is with the skin illustrator pallet)

Madison Broussard
Ben Nye decay color wheel

This was a Christmas gift from my mom. I am a Youtubers and I love to do SFX makeup. This is easy to use and it is good for beginners and professionals in SFX makeup and/or face paint.