Ben Nye Professional FX Wheel


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Ben Nye's Professional Wheels are your one stop for character coloring! Each wheel comes with 3-6 colors distinct to each character. Use these creamy, color-rich pigments to blend on top of skin or latex to create lifelike effects!

Each color is buildable for higher opacity or can be thinned with a few drops of alcohol to provide a sheer wash of color. Set your finished work with Ben Nye's Neutral Set Colorless Powder for added durability!


Available Wheels:

  • Bald Cap Stipple (EW-9)
  • Bruise & Abrasions (EW-41)
  • Camouflage (KW)
  • Death Pro Effects (DW)
  • Master Bruise Pro (EW-4)
  • Master Disaster (MDW)
  • Monster (MW)
  • Pro Bruises (EW-1)
  • Pro Burns & Blisters (EW-5)
  • Pro Cuts & Bruises (EW-3)
  • Rainbow (RW)
  • Red, Black & White (RB)
  • Trauma Simulation (EW-7)
  • Zombie (ZW)

Size: 1oz. / 28gm. Yield 100-600 Designs Per Wheel.


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