Ben Nye Makeup Brush - Angle


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These brushes do it all! Ben Nye's Angled Brushes are made with non-porous Taklon fibers to keep bristles free of bacteria and work exceptionally well with moist makeup in particular. The clean, slanted edges make straight lines and fine detailing easy, making these brushes good for a variety of applications, such as for creme or cake liner, brow gel or shadow, eyeshadows of all kinds and lip color!


Customer Reviews

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Line doesn’t stay straight

Maybe I’m just uneducated in this field, someone tell me if I’m doing something wrong. I purchased this brush to use with kryolan cake eyeliner activated with Graftobian magic set. I liked the idea of using this brush for two things: 1) the length of the line the bristles should make, would make even, crisp wings a breeze, because I shouldn’t have to keep extending the eyeliner much, it would almost stamp into place exactly as long as I typically make my wings. 2) I liked the idea of using this brush and the dark brown eyeliner in the set, to create the look of micro bladed/powdered brows. First, use the eyeliner to create the individual hairs. Then, go over with eyebrow powder. With the the magic set, my eyebrows and eyeliner stay all day and night, no issues, it’s beautiful; however, I’ve had to use my older, more inexpensive brushes, because the bristles on this particular brush won’t keep a straight line. There’s always a wiggle towards the longer end of the taper, and no matter how I dry them and see them out, it keeps reforming. It makes the brush unusable for its intended purpose. It seems well made otherwise.

Ryann Amis
Great brush

Works great

Robert Rials
Best angled brush!

I love this brush and have bought it multiple times (usually end up losing it)

It worked really well

It worked really well with getting under the eyes.

Sophia Lignos
Good quality!

It’s good for thicker lines!