Ben Nye Fine Detail Makeup Brush


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FDB-1 Petite Powder
FDB-2 Medium Tapered Point Brush
FDB-4 Petite Shader
FDB-5 Medium Blender
FDB-6 Petite Filbert
FDB-7 Lip Brush w/cover
FDB-8 Smudge Brush
FDB-35 Eye Sculpting
FDB-71 Compact Lip Brush
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Add finishing touches to your look with Ben Nye's Fine Detail Makeup Brushes! Perfect for smaller areas of the face or body, these brushes are made from a range of different bristle types. Find the right shape for eyes, lips and complexion to use with either creme or powder products!


Available Brushes:

  • Petite Powder (FDB-1 / Pony) - Generous, tapered shape applies powder or pressed colors to face and eyes.
  • Tapered Point Brush (FDB-2 Medium / Pony Blend & FDB-3 Small / Pony Blend) - For blending and contouring of eye shadows, Lumiere, powders and glitter.
  • Petite Shader (FDB-4 / Sable Blend) - Small round-edged brush for delicate eye shadow or powder detailing and contouring.
  • Medium Blender (FDB-5 / Sable Blend) - Soft, but firm chiseled-edge bristles for precise, even blending of powders.
  • Petite Filbert (FDB-6 / Sable Blend) - Classic rounded shape in mini size for precise application of cremes, liquids or powders.
  • Lip Brush (FDB-7 Lip Brush with Cover / Taklon & FDB-71 Compact Lip Brush / Taklon) - Finely tapered, petite shape for defined application of lip colors and glosses.
  • Smudge Brush (FDB-8 / Pony) - Excellent for smudging and blending eye shadow and smokey liners.
  • Mini Flat Liner (FDB-9 / Sable Blend) - Perfect for lining and painting details. Firm body with tapered tip.

                  Customer Reviews

                  Based on 6 reviews
                  Sarah McSweeney
                  Good brushes

                  They are soft and smooth! After a week of use and one cleaning they started to lose some hairs. Other bushes of mine has endured the same treatment (liquid foundation application) and have not shed so soon. But other than that I'd say they were a pretty good buy! Maybe they would love me more if I used them for just eyeshadow lol

                  tamara solano
                  Very precise!

                  Nice, precise brush and definitely worth the price.

                  Ivett Bicsak
                  Works great!

                  It works great and it is very affordable. Perfect for MUA-s

                  Britt Lienau
                  My favorite

                  This detail brush is a must

                  Kim Ramirez
                  Precise lip brush

                  This is my favorite lip brush! It’s very precise, easy to hold and extremely affordable. I carry enough for everyone in the wedding party.