Ben Nye Deluxe Clown Makeup Kit DK-1


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Ben Nye's Deluxe Clown Makeup Kit saves time and money with just one set! Not only do you receive quality clown makeup, such as the exemplar Ben Nye Clown White Lite, but tucked inside each package are expert directions by former Ringling Bros. Clown and professional makeup artist, Keith Crary! Quit clowning around and get started with Ben Nye's Deluxe Clown Makeup Kit!

    Yield 12-20 Applications Per Kit.
    Sold only in the contiguous USA. Ships only via Ground service; cannot be shipped Priority or Express. Ordering this item will cause your ENTIRE package to ship via Ground, regardless of your chosen and paid for shipping method. If you are ordering this product outside of the contiguous USA, the item will be removed from your order.  
    Kit Includes:

    • Pro Series Clown White Lite (1oz.)
    • Four Color Clown Wheel (1oz.)
    • Neutral Set Face Powder (0.9oz)
    • Black Eyebrow Pencil
    • White Eyebrow Pencil
    • Velour Powder Puff
    • Sponge Applicators (2)
    • Flat Brush
    • Quick Cleanse Makeup Remover (1floz.)
    • Color Directions