Ben Nye Creme Rouge Wheel Natural Glow CR-200


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Ben Nye Creme Blush Wheel Natural Glow CR-200 

Finally, creme highlight, contour and rouge shades, all in one wheel! Cremes blend easily for natural, long-lasting results to brighten, sculpt and add warmth. 

Size: 28.4gm/1oz.

Customer Reviews

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ayla starr
Stunning! One for my kit and one for personal use

I've worn it everyday since purchasing. You only need the smallest amount - a little goes A LONG way. I've actually still been picking it up from a palette because I originally put too much on! It's so beautiful and you can mix with other colors to get a custom one for you. So glad I purchased this. This is my new holy grail!

Dana Sawan
Have used every day since purchased!

I don't know how I did my makeup prior to this little wheel of colors. I have light to medium skin tone.. depending on time of year.. and these colors are incredible. I have a color for every look whether nude or red lip. And it melts into the skin and looks seamless. Highly recommend!

Susan S.
Very sheer

When I use it as a blush as soon as the initial redness from patting on my skin (I use my fingers) subsides, the product fades. I have to keep applying to get it to show up and then it fades throughout the day. I have tried it with different foundations, using fingers, brush, sponge and it is still the same. It does not look good as a lipstick unless you put a balm or some gloss over it.


great colors, easy to blend, some colors are too similar

Barbara Febres-Elias
I love Ben Nye products!

I really love having this one in my kit. Six different cream blushes, super compact. Lasting color, very nice on the lips too.