Ben Nye Complete Blood Pack with Capsules


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Blood dribbles, seeps and squirts realistically from within the mouth with Ben Nye's Complete Blood Pack with Capsules! The soft, gelatin pockets rupture when bitten. For best results, fill capsules within hours of performance. Ben Nye's Stage Blood is corn-syrup based with a fresh peppermint flavor for safe and pleasant use in and around the mouth. Washes from most fabrics and surfaces, though spot testing is suggested before use.

Pack includes 0.5fl.oz Stage Blood and 12 single-use capsules.

Blood: Zea Mays (Corn) Syrup CI NO. 16035 42090 (Red 40 Blue 1) Aqua (Water) Propylene Glycol Methylparaben Aroma (Flavour)

Capsules: Gelatin

Customer Reviews

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Very Effective and Delicious

I used to work a lot in the theater and I have been meaning to give blood capsules a try for a while. I've always had good results from Ben Nye so I figured their blood would also give good results.

The blood is a lovely mint flavor, and the consistency is good. However I cannot stress enough, the results were almost too good. I ended up terrifying my mother and my neighbor. Absolutely would buy again, but use with caution.

Leann Tellez
Not packaged well

The only issue I really have is these products seem old and don’t contain protective seals yet they are priced the same as a new product. Capsules seem to have yellow film these are okay for like spitting lightly fake blood sfx but I had to use 3 capsules for a zombie like look

Dakota Brunson
Great product

It adds that perfect flair to any costume and doesnt leave a bad taste.

Love using this produ

Love using this product and gives such a great allusion.