Ben Nye Chestnut Classic Translucent Face Powder


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Ben Nye's Chestnut Classic Translucent Face powder sets creme makeup for a durable, soft matte finish! The special formula also controls perspiration, making this product perfect for high energy performers such as clowns or dancers. 


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Please Note: We do not sell to resellers. This product does not always come from the manufacturer with a seal. Settling is normal and may cause the container to look less than full.

*Due to high demand and limited supply, this product is limited to 6 per color, per client with exception to cosmetic schools, instructors, theater, stage or production companies and organizations.

**Ben Nye Classic Translucent Face Powder are exempt from discount coupons of any kind and are not sold to resellers or in bulk. Stage Makeup Online is an Authorized Dealer of Ben Nye. For questions regarding product authenticity of any Ben Nye product, please contact them directly at 310-839-1984.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Leondra Stewart

It is very nice looks great on my skin. Very natural

Marc Strum
I bought 10

9 were right 1 was wrong shade how do you mess that up

Whitney A.

This product is absolutely amazing! No flashback as promised and a great finishing touch to your look! Highly recommend

Laura Conover
Translucent powder

Perfect with the luxury powder
Perfect for mask wearing

Monique Brown

This product is works very well on darker skin tones and doesn’t leave an ashy flashback on pictures! Highly recommend!!! Better than the banana powder to me!