Ben Nye Basic Moulage Training Kit (MK-3)


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BEN NYE Basic Moulage Training Kit is the perfect starter kit for those small emergency reenactments. Its designed to help with trauma simulation exercises and have the basic tools to make your Emergency simulation come to reality.
Kit Includes:

Creme Makeup:
Master Bruise Wheel 6 Colors 1oz. (EW4)
Creme F/X Burns & Blister Wheel 0.5oz (CK5)
Cyanotic Blue Foundation 0.5oz (EF31)

Simulated Bloods:
Stage Blood 2fl.oz. (SB4)
Gelatin Blood Capsules, 10Pk. (GB1)
Thick Blood (TB1)

Moulage Essentials:
Nose Wax - Fair 2oz. (NW2)
Simulated Bone Wax 2oz. (BS2)
Liquid Latex 1fl.oz. (LL1)
Charcoal Character Powder 0.75oz. (MP5)
Plains Dust Powder 0.75oz. (MP4)
Neutral Set Powder 0.9oz. (MP2)
2" Laceration Prosthetic (ME80)

Adhesives & Removers:
Spirit Gum Adhesive 0.25fl.oz. (SG1)
Spirit Gum Remover 1fl.oz. (GR2)
Quick Cleanse Makeup Remover 2fl.oz. (QR3)

Professional Tools:
Trauma Simulation Guide (EMG)
No. 5 Flat Brushes (FB5)
Synthetic Sponge - Single Lot (LF1)
Nylon Stipple Sponge - Single Lot (NS1)
Velour Powder Puff - Single Lot (VP1)
Modeling Tool, Wood (MT1)
Cotton Swabs Applicator 100/Bag (ME5)
Moulage Kit Case (PE50)

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Great Kit. Bought it for my daughter and she loves it.

She was showing interest in special effects so I thought she would like this and she loves it. We have had to refill a few things.

spidermonkey life

The product is amazing and I absolutely love the kit it.

Kacilee Cummings
Ben Nye Basic Moulage Training Kit

I bought this training kit for my 12 year old daughter and she loves it. She is very involved in special effects makeup.

Elizabeth Johnson
Awesome Product and Fast Delivery!

Before quarantine I was helping some of my friends teach an SFX makeup class. Of course that got cancelled shortly after shut down started. All of our make-up is kept at the theatre, so I had no way to practice at home. I found myself overwhelmed with all of the different options for SFX makeup and had no idea what exactly I needed to get started on my own. This kit ended up being PERFECT. It has all of the basics for SFX makeup. I've been able to practice bruises, burns, and age makeup just from what's in this kit. I haven't even gotten started on cuts yet. Not to mention it shipped in less than a week, so I was able to get started not long after I made my purchase. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who wants to get started with SFX makeup!

Chip Myers
Great kit for basic medical emergencies to extreme trauma

This kit is awesome. It has everything that you need to simulate basic emergencies to some extreme trauma. Today in EMS training, we aim to make scenario based learning as real as possible. With this kit you will be able to "suspend disbelief". It is very satisfying to watch learners approach a patient then stop and gasp at the realism. It is even more satisfying to know that you helped prepare them for the real thing. You can now create scenarios that will last forever in their minds and give them true confidence that they have the knowledge and skills needed to save lives.