Skin Illustrator FX Liquid 2 oz.

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Designed for just about any injury or illness imaginable, the Skin Illustrator FX Palette liquids can simulate 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns, cuts, scrapes, scabs, and bruises. The FX Palette Liquids seamlessly integrate with the Flesh Tone Palette to create varying degrees of injuries and illnesses. These pigments are rich in color content, making the colors go farther and last longer. Tested on feature film productions by a team of award-winning makeup artists, the Skin Illustrator FX Palette Liquids have already proven themselves to be a valuable addition to any artist's kit!

Size: 2fl.oz. / 60ml.

Tips and Tricks:

  • BLOOD TONE was created specifically to aid the artist in the struggle of feature film continuity and syrup-based bloods. It is a realistic, natural blood color that can easily be altered to a deeper, more theatrical shade blood by adding a touch of ULTRA BLUE. Conventional bloods wear or flake away after your actor has left the chair, but with a stand alone application of BLOOD TONE plus a topical application of KY Jelly, your blood work will look fresh all day without rubbing off or staining the actors costume.
  • When working with the BLOOD TONE, a thin application of KY provides a nice sheen, while a large dollop gives the appearance of dripping blood. The durability of the BLOOD TONE color allows you the freedom to place your blood in the morning, allow it to dry, and then instantly freshen it to camera-ready quality whenever your actor is actually called to set – even hours later!
  • BLOOD TONE also works exceptionally well as an abrasion resistant undercolor with syrup-based bloods. If the conventional blood washes or wears away in a wet scene, the BLOOD TONE will still be there. Either way – you’re covered!
  • Mixing certain colors will not create similar tones, already present in the palette. Mixing the YELLOW and the BLUE will produce a different green than the GREEN that is in the palette.
  • Use the BURNT ORANGE to provide a rust tone.
  • The AGED BLOOD is a mid-ground aged blood which is not too blue or purple. By taking the AGED BLOOD and adding it to any other color in the palette, you will get a whole new range of color.
  • Also available - the Skin Illustrator FX Palette.

This product can be used directly in your airbrush or used to refill the palette cells. To refill the palettes, first shake the bottle thoroughly until you can hear the mixing balls moving freely inside. Pour a small amount into the cell, gently stir while using the low setting of a blowdryer. When the color is almost dry, shake the bottle again (it can settle quickly) and repeat the process until the cell is filled.

Size: 2fl.oz. / 60ml.

PPI Premiere Products Inc. is an FDA approved cosmetic manufacturer. All products are made in the USA and are cruelty-free.
Since 1978, Premiere Products, Inc. has developed and marketed advanced products for the health care, hair replacement, medical, make-up and special effects industries. As chemists with world class research experience and resources, PPI knows ingredient safety and efficacy.

Denatured Alcohol, Castor Oil, Hydroxypropylcellulos, Shellac Gum, Rosin Gum, Talc, Contains Various FD&C Pigments.