European Body Art Evo Undead Palette

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European Body Art Evo Undead Palette. EVO makeup is the next evolution when it comes to cream makeup. Unlike ordinary cream or cake makeup, EVO dries quickly and provides an instant water and transfer resistant finish. Thus EVO creams are a perfect candidate for applications including tattoo and skin cover up, long-wearing foundation, special fx makeup, and body painting.

Includes fully customizable magnetic case, instructions, and airtight transportation bag.

Shades: Pale Dead, Vein Tone, Vein Blood, Night Swamp, Dirty Brown, Light Grey, Nicotine Stain, Aged Blood, Charcoal, Bruise Purple

EVO creams can be blended to create custom colors and blends. Initially, EVO does not require water or alcohol activation, it comes ready to use. However, after opening and several uses, EVO can slowly become drier and thus EVO Fluid can be used to further dilute the makeup or to provide activation when needed.